Margilan Silk | Organza | 12g + 18g sq.m | 67cm + 95cm Wide | Metre

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    12g Price per Metre
    18g Price per Metre
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    Woven in Margilan, one of the most ancient cities in Uzbekistan, the organza is available in two weights – 12g per square metre and 18g per sq.m.

    The 18g weight (67cm wide) is an opaque, close weave, creamy-coloured fabric with a matt finish and a harsh feel.  It is stiff and does not drape like chiffon or gauze and, because of its harsh feel, may be uncomfortable next to the skin.  In dressmaking, it can be used as an interfacing for collars, cuffs and plackets or when making a ruffled feature on a garment or a stiff petticoat.  It can also be used as a base for embroidery or passementerie flowers.

    The 12g weight (95cm wide) is sheer, close weave, creamy-coloured fabric – lighter in colour and more lustrous than the 18g.  It has a slightly harsh feel and is stiff (similar to veiling net) but does have some drape.  It is suitable for projects that call for a lightweight fabric that has substance, for example fairy dresses or a child’s tutu.

    Both weights are ideal for for nuno felting; the fibre easily grips the open weave giving a surface texture of stiff peaks that are slightly rough to the touch.  Shrinkage must be achieved using cool water, agitation and gentle throwing to maintain stiffness.  The sample in the image was made with a single herringbone layer of 19 micron merino (Snow from the DHG Classics Collection).

    Organza will retain most of its stiffness if immersed gently in cool water and left to air dry; warm or hot water may cause it to lose its stiffness.  The fabric dyes well, but dyeing sometimes causes some distortion and/or shrinkage.  The fabric should always be washed before cutting out a shape to be used on a washable garment.  Sampling is strongly recommended before dyeing or washing a significant length of this fabric.

    Other Margilan silks in the Nutwood Collection shop are rarefied (8g sq.m) and gauze (10g sq.m).  Also in the shop there is a range of DHG fibres – 120+ shades and blends of 19 micron merino, 28 merino + silk tonal blends, Camel and Yak.

    A few things you should know before you purchase ...

    All quoted measurements and weights are approximate;

    A consistent width is not maintained throughout the length.  The narrower width varies between 67-70cm, the wider 95-100cm;

    Silk is a natural product and there will be some irregularities in the weave.